Revelatory events in the life of Prophet Elisha - Part 1

Kings 4 displays some of the qualities of God 💕 .
- Elohim deals in miracles
- and He is generous .

.Whilst we see Jesus multiplying bread miraculously in the New Testament, this miracle has been performed before.
We see the prophet Elisha multiplying bread in the Old Testament. .

Elisha takes the bread that was given to him as a gift, and he instructs it to be given away... .
Elisha does not hesitate to give away what was what was freely given to him .... that's when the laws of the Kingdom were enacted and the food multiplies .... and yet they left with excess. .

And it was so according to the word of the Lord - They shall eat and have excess.

When you observe these miraculous events, every time food was multiplied in both the Old & New Testament , there was always a spillover - Each miracle left them with MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Why is God so generous with us that He EXCEEDS our expectations ? ✨
Because it's His nature to surprise and go beyond in every way :) .
In addition beca…

Vanity of Vanities ...

Ecclesiastes 1 comes to mind as we enter a season that encourages a frenzy of holiday shopping.

How many things do we really need? What if you decided that u don't need everything that pulls your attention? .

Have some fun, buy a few presents + be complete ✔️

FREE yourself from the madness.

If u keep seeing more that you want + are frustrated + have lost your peace ,
I present this question - 💡 " Why allow anything to steal your moments of adoration with Jesus ? "
The peace we have in Him is priceless.
Losing that is Costly !

As believers in Christ we are full to overflowing in Yeshua, He supplies our needs at ALL times.
We have Grace & Favour at ALL times.

Don't rush for each sale, fooled by the hype, egged on by relentless advertising .

DON'T use credit cards unless u can immediately repay them.
The Bible says to be the borrower not the lender. The lust of the eyes will Deceive you into coveting & becoming a borrower.
Where's the faith in that ?

Indeed, ther…

DREAM : A new Home & the Smiling Dolphin ❤️

DREAM 22 Nov ❤️

Early this morning I dreamt that Tom and I had to move into a new home. .
For some reason, I thought it was going to be a small, old, dingy home & a time of testing ... I was dreading it but I thought that I just had to bear it and go through with it .... .
My heart was heavy as we opened the doors to our new home ... and then I lit up ... The house was beautiful ! .🎁
It was big, spacious, clean, bright and new ! It had glorious large French windows with beautiful, long curtains. I was so happy !!! .
I did not expect this at all. It was the most wonderful surprise.... I couldn't believe that we had received such a huge blessing.
I remember that the home had 5 bedrooms. The number 5 was imprinted on my mind as though it was important & symbolic.
I looked out the window and there was a vast ocean outside the home.
A dolphin swam up right up to the shore! and smiled at me.
I was so fascinated by him.He was so cute & full of JOY 😍💕
Time seemed to s…

STREET HEALING VLOG :) Miracles in Singapore + Malaysia!


A Powerful New Era - The Ceiling has been lifted!

Dear friends,

I made a series of videos that I hope will be a blessing to you.
I speak about the powerful new era we have stepped into as of 23 September 2017.
It is time to step into all the benefits the Lord is generously bestowing at this time!

God bless,
Ahava Sarah


( dream early am 14 SEP 2017)
I was inside a house and I had a pet. It was the cutest pet you could imagine . Pure white, not like any creature you could find on earth.
I loved spending time with my pet, it was so adorable ! .

Suddenly I heard noises outside ...

I looked out the window into the greenery outside
There were small hills & mountains around us.

I saw some grey bears outside.
I wasn't concerned.
I thought they were harmless, just exploring the area.

Then I realized they were picking up speed and running.
These bears were menacing. ROUGH, angry bears!

They were coming to get us and focused on entering the house we were in. Foreboding pierced my heart. .
They're on the attack.

More bears came bounding until there were a group of them running down the mountain toward us. I think there were 7 to 8 in total . .
Maybe 7 ?
( When I woke up , the number of bears was important and I tried to remember how many there were)
They were…


This is a Dream I had early this morning 👑10 Sep 2017⭐️ 

I was staying in a hotel. I stepped out of my room. 
The door closed and locked behind me. I was instantly given a new room. I didn't bring any of my things from my old room. .
Then  I was walking around the hotel and I found myself passing through my old room . The hotel cleaner was there sitting on the ground . She was organizing the hotel toiletries- soaps , shampoo etc. 

I didn't care about the rest of my old things but I left my toiletries in the room. And I needed those. ( I had moved to the new room so quickly ) .

The cleaner seemed to know what I was thinking.
She looked at me smiling . She said "Here have these :) ."

Very generously she began giving me a wide assortment of beautiful products. They were amazing new toiletries. Large luxurious tubes.
I received them gratefully.

She kept smiling at me very lovingly. Adoringly! I found my face warming up ... I was surprised by her affectionate deme…