The power of an early morning routine

Journal entry - Tuesday 6th June 2017

I've found that my most powerful days are those that begin with my early morning routine.

3-4:30 am - I wake up at 3 am and sit in silence for a while ( Usually 1 to 1 1/2 hrs ).

4:30-5 am I may choose to pray in tongues as well. ( This goes on for 30 mins to 1 hr )

5-6 am - And I follow this by listening to audiobible or reading my physical bible.

6-7:30 am - Rest. Because I am still in the midst of training myself to accept this routine for life , I do find myself falling asleep at 6 am and then waking up once more around 7:30 am . Interestingly, it is during this 6 am nap that I receive most of my most powerful dreams. 

*This is the general outline, though it may vary on some days.

During this season of my life, I am not always able to keep this routine as we have a ministry travel schedule that is quite rigorous. It involves a lot of activity & meeting new people. 

I enjoy the travel, but when I return home I eagerly look forward to retreating to my precious morning schedule. (My aim is to eventually have this regimen so deeply ingrained that I can maintain it even amidst hectic travel.)

Now let's look to the scripture for our morning routine inspiration!

Abraham is shown to have kept an early morning schedule.
Being the Father of Faith, he's a great example to look to.

Now Abraham arose early in the morning and went to the place where he had stood before the LORD; ~ Genesis 19:27

But it is our Lord Yeshua, who demonstrates our greatest example.
He is seen to have his early morning times of prayer as well.

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. ~ Mark 1:35

One of the most important practises I have found are those moments when I sit in silence before the Lord. 

This was a time a few years ago, when I was studying the life of an amazing Christian saint named Madam Jeanne Guyon. Much of her teaching revolved around quietism as a means of entering into the Lord's presence. I will share some of her quotes to better present the meat of her teachings.

After you have been meditating in the Word and praying it out to God for some time, you will gradually find how easy it is to come into His presence. You will remember other Scriptures with less difficulty. Prayer has now become easy, sweet, and delightful. ~ Guyon

All who desire to pray may pray without difficulty as they are strengthened by those universal graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit which all men and women possess. ~ Guyon

Do not turn to prayer hoping to enjoy spiritual delights; rather come to prayer totally content to receive nothing or to receive great blessing from God’s hand, which ever should be your heavenly Father’s will for you at that time. This will enable you to live close to God in times of sadness as well as in times when you are being comforted by God. ~ Guyon

The closer the soul draws to God, the further she travels from her own wishes. In this way the influence on her life from her passions diminishes. The soul should have a pure and disinterested love, as it seeks nothing from God, but only to please Him, and to do His will. ~ Guyon

There is only one requirement that you must follow at all times [in prayer]. This simple requirement is you must learn to pray from your heart and not your head. ~ Guyon 

We must forget ourselves and all self-interest, and listen, and be attentive to God. ~ Guyon

God, is only to be found in our inner selves, which is the holy of holies where God dwells.~ Guyon

Know this fundamental truth as you begin [praying]. When Jesus prays for God’s Kingdom to come, remember that He said, ‘the kingdom of God is within you. ~ Guyon

When at any time the passions are turbulent, a gentle retreat inwards to a present God, easily deadens and pacifies them. ~Guyon

Prayer from the heart is not interrupted by the thoughts from a person’s mind. Indeed nothing can interrupt this prayer except for ungodly inclinations ~ Guyon

In a similar way when our emotions are set on fire, if we try to stir them up even more, we extinguish the flame, and the soul is deprived of its nourishment. We should, therefore, in stillness and quiet, with respect, confidence, and love, swallow the blessed food that we have tasted. ~ Guyon 

Prayer is nothing more than turning our heart toward God and receiving in turn His love.~ Guyon

During this time of deep study into Guyon's teachings,  I was highly inspired and motivated to enter into the practise of quietism that she speaks of. 

Soon, I felt led by the Lord to be in relative solitude for a few months. It was an extreme experience for me, as I had to intentionally become an introvert during that time. 

This was a season where I trained myself to enjoy the pleasures of silence .... 

Though the beginnings were a challenge. 

It's amazing how the mind of man resists this so fervently. I would find myself checking the time, wondering if my time was being used productively, mentally running through all the various things that I needed to do ...

I have to admit it did take quite a while (a few weeks) to get comfortable with simply enjoy sitting and "being".

And when I did arrive at that sweet spot, it was like winning the ultimate lottery.

"Be still and know that I am God."~ Psalms 46:10

Suddenly I began to feel "FULL" and "RICH".

It was as though I had suddenly stepped on new territory that was altogether delightful.
I felt complete in ways I cannot fathom.... But it was wonderful!

A great joy and gratitude began to pour out of me, even for the little things.
I realized how much I had been in heavy pursuit for so much that seemed to now mean so little.
It is so true that the most valuable things in life truly can be freely attained!
It's a simply a choice and decision on our part.

I feel such a warmth in my heart as I remember these early days when I first began to enjoy the depths of silence. I cannot help but smile. :)

Stand in awe and sin not; 
Commune with your own heart upon your bed, 
and be still. 
 ~ Psalms 4:4

Currently when my schedule gets extremely busy and hectic, I find I need to re-train myself to return to this state. It doesn't take as long as it does when I first trained myself ( It took weeks/months to get there!)
Thankfully now, it simply takes a few nights sitting in His presence for my mind to return to a state of deep peace.

You see there is a compound effect to our actions.

When we lay a foundation, training ourselves in a new way, that foundation is a bedrock that always remains. And even the smallest actions in the future go very far because they have been established on a firm rock.

If you're drawn to beginning an early morning routine and perhaps you're also drawn to experiencing this joy of sitting in silence before the Lord.. Know this. It will be challenging at first. But keep at it, forgive yourself for the mistakes you may make, and keep moving forward. Whatever you do, don't stop.

Eventually it sticks ... and becomes so enjoyable that you will crave your early morning experiences with the Lord. They may likely become the very best part of your day. :)

Love & Shalom,
Ahava Sarah Fischer

In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice; 
In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch. ~ Psalm 5:3


Isaiah 58 lists the rewards of the true fast. 
When we sit and wait upon the Lord, devoting our time and every thought unto Him, we are engaged in the true fast; the fast that He acknowledges. 
These are our rewards upon doing so.
  • The bonds of wickedness will be cut (v. 6).
  • The oppressed will go free (v. 6).
  • The yokes of oppression will be broken (v. 6).
  • Your light shall break forth like a daily sunrise (v. 8).
  • Healing will come speedily (v. 8).
  • Your righteousness will be your reputation preceding you (v. 8).
  • The glory of the Lord shall follow and guard you (v. 8).
  • Your prayer will be answered immediately (v. 9).
  • The Lord will manifest Himself in your midst (v. 9).
  • Your light will shine in the midst of darkness (v. 10).
  • Your darkest times will still be like noonday sun (v. 10).
  • You will have continual guidance from the Lord (v. 11).
  • You will be full in time of leanness (v. 11).
  • You will be filled with strength in the very center of your life (v. 11).
  • The Holy Spirit will water you and make you fruitful and beautiful (v. 11).
  • The Holy Spirit will fill you daily and make you like a spring that never runs dry (v. 11).
  • You will be a repairer of the breach, a restorer of streets in which to dwell (v. 12).
  • You will be delighted with God (v. 14).
  • You will have authority with those in authority and have power in difficult times (v. 14).


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