Revelatory events in the life of Prophet Elisha - Part 1


Kings 4 displays some of the qualities of God πŸ’• .
- Elohim deals in miracles
- and He is generous .

.Whilst we see Jesus multiplying bread miraculously in the New Testament, this miracle has been performed before.
We see the prophet Elisha multiplying bread in the Old Testament. .

Elisha takes the bread that was given to him as a gift, and he instructs it to be given away... .
Elisha does not hesitate to give away what was what was freely given to him .... that's when the laws of the Kingdom were enacted and the food multiplies .... and yet they left with excess. .

And it was so according to the word of the Lord - They shall eat and have excess.

When you observe these miraculous events, every time food was multiplied in both the Old & New Testament , there was always a spillover - Each miracle left them with MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Why is God so generous with us that He EXCEEDS our expectations ? ✨
Because it's His nature to surprise and go beyond in every way :) .
In addition because man's mind is limited, the Lord does this to STRETCH US & SHATTER limitations.

Elohim is LIMITLESS and He is conforming us to His image.

We are also called to be generous on every occasion, and the Lord's exceeding our imagination & expectations leads to a mindset of perpetual generosity. .


The prophet Elisha became sick with an illness that led to his death .... .

Yet his bones were so filled with the awesome resurrection power of God that when another dead man touched his bones , this man came life.

Elisha was a blessed man of God. It seems to me, his destiny in his earthly body was fulfilled and it was time for him to return to Heaven and so he did not fight the illness in his body. .
But the man who was placed in the tomb with him, died from a curse, it was not his time. And this curse was broken when it came in the presence of God held in Elisha's bones! .

.Bear in mind also that as a believer in Christ, you can be attacked in the flesh but the power of God remains in you.
It's a matter of directing that power to victory by desiring/claiming/speaking/believing your victory. And you MUST relentlessly claim that victory.
*An attack should not last very long with this mindset.

Don't ever allow an attack on your flesh to fool you into diminishing the knowledge of the awesome power within you.
Don't ever allow it to stop you from ministering to others and being used by the Lord. .
There are deep mysteries in His Kingdom that appear entirely illogical.
But as we put on the mind of Christ, it becomes clear ♥️

Love Ahava Sarah Fischer ✨

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