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Put on the FULL ARMOR of God - Spiritual Gunslinging

Recently I found that when I pray privately against the demonic, I use my hands as though I'm whipping a gun and shooting demons down. I even find myself making sound effects as though bullets are flying.
It just happened naturally. It helped me focus my prayer, heightening the idea that the Word of God is truly a powerful weapon  .... but I did wonder if it's acceptable to God to pray this way?
I didn't tell anyone that I started doing this. I would only do it when praying alone.
Last week while Tom & I were on the streets , a very unusual man of God came to visit Cardboard Box church. He said he was a prophet & apostle and shared an amazing testimony. He gave us both some awesome prophetic words.
When he prophecied over me he surprised & blessed me ... First he was praying in tongues, then looked at me and laughed with great joy as though he discovered something, saying "YOU'RE A SPIRITUAL GUNSLINGER!"
Like I said, I didn't share with AN…

Giving Prophetic Word | STREET EVANGELISM

 But one who prophesies speaks to men  for edification  and exhortation  and consolation.                                                                           ~ 1 Corinthians 14:3

Tips on hearing in the Spirit for the purpose of exhortation. 
The information shared applies mainly for evangelizing on the streets to strangers. 
To sow into this ministry - PAYPAL -

The Total Solar Eclipse & ELUL

The Jewish month of ELUL (the season of reflection & repentance) began on Aug 21 2017.
The very same day as the total solar eclipse over the US.
Biblically a total solar eclipse speaks of judgement.  Consider the eclipse that occurred at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 
As well as history's most famous eclipse that fell over Nineveh just prior to Jonah's arrival and warning to repent.
Which makes this season of ELUL all the more significant this year. 
The King is in the field.
These signs are a clear call to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.   It is the time for deep cleaning, repentance. . Even a little LEAVEN leaveneth the bread. Cast it out once and for all. 
This is the proverbial last chance to get one's house in order.

Ahava Sarah Fischer

Abraham's Journey

I was led to research Abraham's journey - from the land he began in and finally to the land the Lord led him to. 

In his obedience and willingness to leave his country and travel to an unknown land, God promised that he would make his descendants a great nation.

And he said unto him, 
I [am] the LORD that brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, 
to give thee this land to inherit it. 
 ~ Genesis 15:7

The land Abraham is led to became his inheritance. It is our inheritance as well.

Abraham's journey has great significance and is worth contemplating.

Ahava Sarah

The following article is from the Bible History website. 

Abraham Visits 17 Locations

The Journey

The land of Canaan would be the inheritance of Abraham's descendants but Abraham would only be a pilgrim there. On his journey to Canaan there were seventeen places that Abraham visited recorded in the Old Testament. Each of these places are important in…

Sleeping in Utter Darkness - A Game Changer

Good morning everyone! :)
Today I wanted to write about a topic that has drawn my attention of late.
I've always been interested in health and well-being. And I've always known that sleeping in complete darkness is of benefit to the body ... but it was only recently that I took steps to design my bedroom to accommodate this.
I installed Soundproof Curtains that happened to be blackout curtains with thermal properties as well. I found that our bedrooms were now transformed into the cocoon that the company promised in it’s brochure. ( MOONDREAM )
Utter darkness is what I sink into every night. And there is nothing quite like plunging into velvet black nights. It has truly changed the quality of my sleep. A completely dark room is no longer a luxury for, but has become an absolute necessity.
After reaping the benefits of sleeping in true darkness, I was compelled to research it more deeply.
I was not surprised to discover that various scientific studies confirm that sleeping in darkne…

God reveals Answers, Solutions & Mysteries ... in our Dreams !

"It is He 
who reveals 
the profound and hidden things; 
He knows what is in the darkness, 
And the light dwells with Him.

~ Daniel 2:22 

Journal entry - Morning of Aug 14 2017

How is it that the Lord continues to surprise and amaze me ... on a constant basis?

 It would seem that at some point, we would come to expect His ways ... but all I have discovered at each juncture is that He is far beyond anything I could even begin to expect.

This morning the Lord revealed secrets in a dream.

I had specifically been asking for answers. 
I had presented my question to the Lord the night before and the next morning my dreams extended it's generous hand, with a detailed answer!

Though let me add this ... the dream and it's meaning was not clear at first.

In fact, the dream seemed very abstract and strange ... yet it was vivid and memorable. I knew I had to remember it and document it. I sensed it was important ... eventhough parts of it almost seemed nonsensical.

So it was in the very early hou…



My husband and I have a somewhat unique ministry. For most part, it's just the two of us evangelizing out on the streets. Correction make that the 3 of us ! For The Holy Spirit is always very much with us as we share the good news of the gospel on the highways and byways ️
We pray for people for healing and emotional freedom. On top of that we get a certain amount of exposure online as my husband posts youtube videos of live healing events on the street.

In the past year, we were led by the Lord through a prophetic word, to evangelize through a creative idea from Heaven. Cardboard Box Church was birthed and continues to grow to this day. 
It's been an amazing journey! I can declare with all my heart that there is absolutely nothing that compares to sharing the good news of our Messiah Jesus.

For Yeshua is the Greatest Gift! And bringing freedom to captives is both an honor and a blessing.
But it do…

DREAM : Of Peacocks and Palaces



What an unusual dream encounter this morning!

I find myself on the grounds of a very old and ancient palace.

As I walk through the grounds, I begin to notice that there is ample supply of all things here. Everything I need and require .... even down to the little things like my daily grocery supplies! As well as the superfoods that I like to add to smoothies :) Quite unusual to find a wide variety of every need bursting forth like this. And it seemed like it was all available for me to take as I needed.

I found that there was no intense excitement or greed ... I simply gathered a few things that I needed and that was that.

There was a calm assurance ... as though the palace was always readily available to me, and so I didn't need to stock up. I could just come back anytime for supplies.

As I looked through the ample provision before me .... I saw a little stack of drawers.

I opened a drawer and found it bursting forth with money. Currency of all…

Parents - A child’s spiritual covering

Just as Jesus is the head of the church, and the husband is the head of a marriage, so are parent’s the spiritual head of the home. 
Thus it is the parent’s responsibility to lead and train a child in the right way.
The child does not take the lead. Unfortunately in a day and age where discipline is confused with being overtly harsh and politically incorrect, this sense of order is lost in many families. And children run astray with any trend or wrong teaching that comes along the way to entice them.
The head of the house must take the lead presenting the right way as an example to all in their household. If rebellion arises it becomes the parent’s responsibility to exercise their authority and wisdom to nip this rebellion in the bud.
LOVE your child with all their heart and have a world of fun with your precious gift from the Lord … but where discipline is needed do not delay in exacting it.
Believers in Christ are Strong.
We are tender hearted but BOLD and Fierce when establishing…

God Strengthens us ... physically !

Philippians 4:13 ~ I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Isaiah 40:29 ~ He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Continuing on the theme of strength, these past 2 days I experienced how the Lord truly does give us supernatural strength when we need it.

We had recently moved homes, and after a month in our new home, I knew I could not live there. The noise levels were too much for me and the apartments grounds were not well-managed.

So we moved once more! Thankfully this time we found the most perfect WONDERFUL place. The hand of the Lord was all over this new home of ours. I am so grateful.

In the past 2 days we have been packing and moving. Carrying heavy loads up and down heavy stairs. It was just myself and Tom working away.

I can honestly say, I am more sore and raw than I've ever been in a long long time! lol :)

And I can certainly say that the Lord strengthen me for this.

Today was our 2nd day of moving. We woke up at 4 am to begin…