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Vanity of Vanities ...

Ecclesiastes 1 comes to mind as we enter a season that encourages a frenzy of holiday shopping.

How many things do we really need? What if you decided that u don't need everything that pulls your attention? .

Have some fun, buy a few presents + be complete ✔️

FREE yourself from the madness.

If u keep seeing more that you want + are frustrated + have lost your peace ,
I present this question - 💡 " Why allow anything to steal your moments of adoration with Jesus ? "
The peace we have in Him is priceless.
Losing that is Costly !

As believers in Christ we are full to overflowing in Yeshua, He supplies our needs at ALL times.
We have Grace & Favour at ALL times.

Don't rush for each sale, fooled by the hype, egged on by relentless advertising .

DON'T use credit cards unless u can immediately repay them.
The Bible says to be the borrower not the lender. The lust of the eyes will Deceive you into coveting & becoming a borrower.
Where's the faith in that ?

Indeed, ther…

DREAM : A new Home & the Smiling Dolphin ❤️

DREAM 22 Nov ❤️

Early this morning I dreamt that Tom and I had to move into a new home. .
For some reason, I thought it was going to be a small, old, dingy home & a time of testing ... I was dreading it but I thought that I just had to bear it and go through with it .... .
My heart was heavy as we opened the doors to our new home ... and then I lit up ... The house was beautiful ! .🎁
It was big, spacious, clean, bright and new ! It had glorious large French windows with beautiful, long curtains. I was so happy !!! .
I did not expect this at all. It was the most wonderful surprise.... I couldn't believe that we had received such a huge blessing.
I remember that the home had 5 bedrooms. The number 5 was imprinted on my mind as though it was important & symbolic.
I looked out the window and there was a vast ocean outside the home.
A dolphin swam up right up to the shore! and smiled at me.
I was so fascinated by him.He was so cute & full of JOY 😍💕
Time seemed to s…