Vanity of Vanities ...

Ecclesiastes 1 comes to mind as we enter a season that encourages a frenzy of holiday shopping.

How many things do we really need? What if you decided that u don't need everything that pulls your attention? .

Have some fun, buy a few presents + be complete ✔️

FREE yourself from the madness.

If u keep seeing more that you want + are frustrated + have lost your peace ,
I present this question - 💡 " Why allow anything to steal your moments of adoration with Jesus ? "
The peace we have in Him is priceless.
Losing that is Costly !

As believers in Christ we are full to overflowing in Yeshua, He supplies our needs at ALL times.
We have Grace & Favour at ALL times.

Don't rush for each sale, fooled by the hype, egged on by relentless advertising .

DON'T use credit cards unless u can immediately repay them.
The Bible says to be the borrower not the lender. The lust of the eyes will Deceive you into coveting & becoming a borrower.
Where's the faith in that ?

Indeed, there are certain desires that the Lord puts in our heart to stir our faith to believe for.

And then there are those desires the enemy plants through the lust of the eyes. These are empty desires that amount to nothing except to keep your thoughts hooked on "things"... rather than your Messiah.

Become aware of the diff between the desire from Him & the desires of the world ... it can be easy to stumble & fall into idolatry.

Allow me to extoll that the Lord is generous. He pours out His grace and loves to bless His righteous children.

Of course it's wonderful + good fun to enjoy His various gifts too .... but draw the line.
And be aware if you've crossed it .

Take captive every thought + bring it into obedience.
Detachment is profitable for those who walk in the Spirit.
Though we are highly blessed & favoured in Christ .... always hold things LOOSELY + onto the Lord TIGHTLY.
He is our First Love. ❤️
We must always be besotted by Him captivated by His Will, His Kingdom, His plans..

Remain in His peace. Fix your thoughts on Jesus, your sights on eternal riches that will not crumble to dust.

"Vanity of vanities", says the preacher. " All is vanity. "

Love, Ahava Sarah ❤️


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