This is a Dream I had early this morning πŸ‘‘10 Sep 2017⭐️ 

I was staying in a hotel. I stepped out of my room. 
The door closed and locked behind me. I was instantly given a new room. I didn't bring any of my things from my old room. .
Then  I was walking around the hotel and I found myself passing through my old room . The hotel cleaner was there sitting on the ground . She was organizing the hotel toiletries- soaps , shampoo etc. 

I didn't care about the rest of my old things but I left my toiletries in the room. And I needed those. ( I had moved to the new room so quickly ) .

The cleaner seemed to know what I was thinking.
She looked at me smiling . She said "Here have these :) ."

Very generously she began giving me a wide assortment of beautiful products. They were amazing new toiletries. Large luxurious tubes.
I received them gratefully.

She kept smiling at me very lovingly. Adoringly! I found my face warming up ... I was surprised by her affectionate demeanor. I enjoyed being with her.

Then she said excitedly, "My family is coming soon
and we're going to take over the hotel."πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

 "We're giving out Free Upgrades to some people. To the Golden king room in the upper level !" .✨✨✨

That statement rang in my mind ...


I thought to myself,"Wow they're so lucky! " 

Then she said in her lovely, graceful way , " Would you like an upgrade?" .πŸ’žπŸ‘‘

I said "YES! " without hesitation.

Still, I was a little shy around her for some reason. .

I couldn't believe she was offering it to me .... I couldn't believe they were giving out such a grand gift so liberally ... and I would get one too ....it felt incredulous ....Almost impossible that it was happening.

It was also unexpected to that the humble, lowly servant ( and her family ) would soon be taking over and owning the hotel.

But she had reassured me ... "My family is coming soon."

Then she said, " Until then, Study, Seal the scriptures in you." 

End of dream

#dream #sep23 #rev21 #rapture ???


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